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    Washington’s Workforce Explorer

    Workforce Explorer is designed for the sole purpose of providing residents of Washington State with valuable information concerning employment. They display on the site current economic news, important announcements, workers rights, and much more.

    The main goal of this site is to help people choose a career, not just a job. There are a number of resources on Workforce explorer that can help you plan for the future. They offer information regarding training services, apprenticeships, and much more. They will tell you what jobs you would be good for considering your current education and experience, as well as tell you what jobs are currently hiring.

    There are also a number of links on Workforce Explorer that lead you to job listings. If you are looking for just a job, you can look at the jobs currently available. However, as I mentioned, the ultimate goal of Workforce explorer is to help you choose a long-term career, set goals, and therefore, improve your life.

    RefineryOne of the best features on Workforce Explorer is their “jobs in demand” list. In tough economic times like those of today, it can be hard to find a job, let alone a long-term career. The jobs in demand list gives you a comprehensive look at all the jobs that are currently hiring in Washington State. When the market changes, the job demand changes, and if you are aware and look through the list, you can find some great opportunities. For instance, since gas is so expensive now and global warming is no longer “just a myth”, the alternative energy industry is booming. Federal agencies as well as private companies are constantly looking for bright, dedicated people to develop new energies to not only save us money, but also save the earth.

    Cause of Death: Unknown Everything I mentioned above is, quite obviously, for people who are looking for careers. However, if you are an employer looking to hire, Workforce Explorer can help you as well! On the site there are many links to sites that allow employers to search for potential employees. There is also a vast amount of important information that business owners simply must know, such as minimum wages for different jobs, worker rights, and more. You can also post your job offer up to the general public using Workforce Explorer. This will drive many interested, talented, and highly qualified potential employees to you, making your search very easy. All you have to do is select the best of the bunch, and hire them!

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