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  • Washington  Unemployment Benefits

    This website will help you understand all the stages and procedures you need to be familiar with to benefit from what tWashington has to offer.

    Learn The Ropes

    To qualify for unemployment benefits in Washington you must take three main steps.

    Step 2: File your initial Claim and Register for Work

    The second step you need to take to receive unemployment benefits Washington , after filing your first claim, is to register for work. After all, helping you find a new job is the main purpose of Washington. The good news is that you only need to register once

    Step 3: File your weekly claims

    If you fail to file your weekly claim, you will not receive your benefits. You can file online

    This website provides you with up-to-date news about the employment situation in Washington and how to apply for the benefits you are entitled to. Here are a few examples of articles on subjects you should know about:

    Congress Approves Unemployment Extension In Washington

    What Happens If I make a mistake reporting the wages reported in a claim?

    This is a mistake both employers and employees can make. To correct an error when filing unemployment tax you need to send a new schedule providing the full name and SSN of the employee, as well as the corrected amount and the quarter where the mistake was made. You should also include a brief description of the cause for the mistake and keep a copy in your records.


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